Full Circle Visuals is the brainchild of Ryan Jackson, a pioneer of 360 degree video and the most awarded multimedia photojournalist in Canada.

After innovating 360 degree video for more than five years, Jackson founded Full Circle Visuals Inc. in 2016 to pursue visual storytelling in new formats including VR and dome projection. He soon hired co-founder Sam Brooks who brings a mechanical engineering background to the team as well as several years of working with media organizations and a focus on blending technology and storytelling.

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Ryan Jackson
Founder, President, Creative Director

There are few individuals in Canada with experience in 360 degree video comparable to Ryan Jackson. In 2011, at world record breaking dodgeball game, Jackson developed his own 360 camera rig to create an immersive visual experience that captured the event like no one else could. After completing this project, he posted the first beginning-to-end online tutorial on creating 360 video on his blog, cementing his reputation as a global leader in the medium. Since then, he has been committed to staying at the leading edge of 360 video technology and focusing on merging this innovative video medium with exceptional storytelling.

Jackson has worked at various publications across Canada including the Edmonton Journal, where he was senior multimedia photojournalist for nine years. His reportage from the field has brought to life stories from remote Arctic communities such as Tuktoyaktuk and Cambridge Bay, and vivid portrayals of military training while embedded with the Canadian Forces in Yellowknife.

Always keen to share his knowledge, Jackson has spoken at more than a dozen conferences and taught multimedia to the next generation of aspiring journalists at MacEwan University.

A jack of all trades, Jackson has MacGyvered several award-winning multimedia projects over the years, including numerous 360-degree videos, interactive games for tablets and a virtual reality conversation with candidates during an election campaign.

He has been honoured with 28 national and international awards over the past decade for his photojournalism and interactive multimedia projects.


Sam Brooks
Co-founder, Production Engineer

Sam Brooks is a mechanical engineer turned journalist turned business owner with extensive experience in both the nonprofit and local business environments. He can build anything.

Prior to Full Circle Visuals, Brooks worked for Postmedia on community focused projects in four cities across the country where he used journalism as a means to connect people that were passionate about local business, great food, fashion and a variety of other topics. Before that, he was president of Canadian University Press, a national organization of Campus media.

Brooks’ passion for visual media spawned while studying engineering at the University of Alberta. He quickly discovered that he’d rather spend his extra time working for The Gateway, the U of A campus newspaper, than working out frustrating differential equations and was routinely one of the most dedicated photographers during his tenure.

When he’s not working, you can usually find him camping, skiing or cheering on the Edmonton Eskimos.


Adam Kidd
Director & Editor

Adam Kidd is a Gemini award winning editor with 14 years experience in broadcast, documentary and film editing. He is now tuning his video editing and technical resources to turnaround polished 8K 360-video on demand with high quality binaural audio.

Kidd’s mind can boil hundreds of hours of footage down to essential moments of storytelling. He is obsessed with using sound to engage the audience. More info at limboediting.com




Jessica Brisson

Jessica Brisson, Jill of all trades, web development and design extraordinaire.

Brisson previously worked in the newspaper industry with the Edmonton Journal for over six years, designing informative and eye-catching infographics for daily news coverage. Her talents using digital media software for traditional media naturally evolved into a passion for digital applications. Producing online content inspired Jessica to pursue web development and expand her abilities, which led her to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

Since 2014, Brisson has been studying at NAIT, honing her skills in front-end web development. Her education and professional ambition have led to the creation of many slick, unique, and professional websites proving just how deadly the combination of development and design skills can be.

In her spare time she competes in online fantasy sports leagues, plays video games, cooks up a storm, and enjoys walking through Edmonton’s river valley.

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