Quality Advantage

To create truly immersive 360 degree video, image quality matters.

Night-2-detail-side-by-sideGoPros and consumer 360 cameras are fun, but only work well in certain applications. They rely on automatic exposure and have very small image sensors, which are only good in bright light and get extremely grainy in low light. Just like a cell phone.

Dynamic range is the visible spectrum of light between the darkest and lightest object. When shooting in bright sunlight, this is the difference between the shadows and trees all the way up to the sun in the sky. Smaller sensor rigs have very limited dynamic range which means you can easily blow out the sky or under expose the ground because the sensors can’t “see” the way our eyes do.

Full Circle Visuals has invested in quality equipment designed to perform for cinematic results under any lighting condition. We use an array of Sony 4K cameras with sharp 35mm glass that can capture 14 stops of dynamic range. Our equipment gives full creative control over the images, especially for challenging shots such as long-term timelapses and transitions. For example, we can use bulb ramping so to shoot the night sky and northern lights at night and then slowly change exposure over the 24 hours to smoothly adjust for the sun rising and then setting.

We are committed to constant innovation. We employ a full time engineer to research and manufacture our camera systems. We are always experimenting with the latest in camera technology to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. We love a challenge and will not hesitate to custom build a camera rig for any specific application.

Small details make a big difference, and we are committed to the highest quality.